Container Networking Services for VMware Tanzu

Simplify Networking Operations for Production-Ready Kubernetes Clusters

Modern containerized applications are increasingly deployed in Kubernetes clusters and moved from test and dev labs to production environments. The need to provide reliable and secure application services is essential to application availability and responsiveness on-premises and across any cloud. VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer together with VMware Tanzu brings the shortest path to production-ready Kubernetes clusters and consolidates L4-7 container networking services including local and global traffic management, web application firewall (WAF), and container ingress on a single scalable platform.

Image depicting VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi Networks) together with VMware Tanzu brings the shortest path to production-ready Kubernetes clusters and consolidates L4-7 container networking services.

Avi Enterprise for VMware Tanzu Advanced Edition

Traditional load balancer solutions are appliance-based hardware or virtual editions. They were not designed for new workloads such as containers nor optimized for multi-cluster, multi-site or multi-cloud environments. The underlying infrastructure lacks the elasticity, scalability, observability and automation required to support Kubernetes environments. Platform teams are forced to stitch together many solutions and manage unexpected operational complexities.

VMware Tanzu provides an enterprise-ready Kubernetes runtime and cluster management solution with the promise of the fastest application experience. When deployed together with NSX ALB’s container networking capabilities, you get the following benefits:

Integrated solution

A comprehensive set of services including load balancing, ingress controller, application security such as WAF, GSLB, DNS, and IPAM capabilities are offered on a single platform.

Operational simplicity

A single solution with central orchestration of policy, lifecycle management, API endpoint, and ease of troubleshooting lowers operational costs by more than 50%.

Rich observability

End-to-end visibility across multiple clusters and sets bring real-time telemetry and application insights across all components in a production Kubernetes deployment.

Cloud-native automation with elasticity

Elastic autoscaling based on closed-loop analytics and decision automation provides a resilient and secure backbone to scale out containerized applications.

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