Case Study Deutsche Bank Adopts “Everything-as-a-Service” Strategy for Modern Application Services

Deutsche Bank, Germany’s leading bank, provides a variety of services from investment banking, retail banking, commercial banking, and transaction banking. They also provide wealth management products and services to governments, institutional investors, private individuals, corporations, and small and medium-sized businesses.

After struggling to use traditional load balancing solutions to support their rapid increase in scale, Deutsche Bank realized the need to “revisit and effectively digitize its IT landscape,” formulating the “Everything as a Service” strategy. Their main goal was to have modern application delivery networking that would offer integration with the cloud, high availability, operational efficiency, low static infrastructure costs, and decreased time to market. Enter Avi’s load balancing and application delivery solutions!

In this Avi case study, you’ll learn the following:

  • Why Deutsche Bank chose Avi’s load balancing and application delivery solution
  • How Avi delivers flexible, automated load balancing for both north-south and east-west traffic for containerized applications
  • How you can use Avi’s modern application services to take projects to production in a matter of a few weeks
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Region: EMEA

Industry: Finance

Use Case: Container/Networking

Environment: OpenShift

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