VMware Horizon Load Balancing for VDI Applications
Kickstart the Load Balancing Solution for Horizon with VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer

Hardware Free VMware Horizon VDI Solution for Virtual Desktop & Application Delivery

VMware Horizon gives enterprises flexibility by delivering virtual desktops and applications at scale without the constraints of traditional hardware. Ironically, many virtual desktop interface (VDI) deployments are still delivered using rigid hardware load balancers that increase complexity and cost. VMware Horizon load balancing with NSX ALB gives enterprises better automation and operational simplicity for VDI deployments at a lower TCO by providing a software solution for modern VDI infrastructure design.


Image depicting VMware Horizon load balancing with Avi, showing multiple devices using the internet and public cloud.


The NSX ALB Advantage for VMware Load Balancing

The VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer includes enterprise-grade VMware load balancing, global server load balancing (GSLB), web application firewall (WAF), machine-learning-driven automation, unique application analytics and much more in a single platform. With NSX ALBʻs flexible, distributed architecture, centrally managed load balancers can be deployed for VMware Horizon UAGs as well as Connection Servers on a granular per-tenant basis. The platform enables administrators to provision secure, multi-site VDI deployments with global and local load balancing all administered from a single controller. With the application and end-user insights and visibility included in NSX ALB, administrators can treat end user computing as a strategic issue to diagnose and fix experience issues with point-and-click simplicity.

VMware’s Preferred Load Balancing Solution for Horizon

NSX ALB is VMware’s preferred load balancer for Horizon and has replaced legacy appliance-based load balancers to deliver VMware IT’s VDI infrastructure. The ability to just right size deployments with a per desktop user base on concurrent user (CCU) counts of 10, 100, 1,000, and 5,000 helped the VMware IT team to have significant cost and operational improvements as a result of deploying NSX ALB.

Enabling Remote Workers with the VMware VDI Solution
Learn from multiple Cloud, VDI and application security experts from across VMware how to empower remote workers and minimize business disruptions reliably and securely in this webinar summit series.

Enabling Remote Workers with the VMware VDI Solution

Avi helped us deliver a large VDI deployment in a day instead of weeks with legacy load balancers. It saves costs, simplifies ops, and gives us great app and client insights.

Swapnil Hendre
Director of Solutions Engineering and Design | VMware

Load Balancing at the Speed of Business

NSX ALB provides a next generation application services fabric that delivers flexible, centrally managed load balancing and security services across data centers and clouds.


Image depicting Avi Networks Controller providing centrally managed load balancing and security services across data centers and clouds.

Unlike traditional appliance-based load balancers such as F5 Networks, NSX ALB uses analytics-driven automation so you can deploy load balancing services in one-click and troubleshoot issues instantly with detailed application and end-user insights.

Benefits of VMware Horizon Load Balancing with NSX ALB

Deliver virtual desktops and apps quickly in any data center or cloud environment with great end-user experience.

Dynamic, on-demand autoscaling seamlessly scales load balancing capacity in response to real time traffic conditions to deliver high performance virtual desktops and apps in any data center or cloud.

Pinpoint analytics and end-user insights simplifies troubleshooting and resolution of end-user computing (EUC) issues.

Simplify operations with central management of all load balancers, handle moves, changes, or additions seamlessly, and get health scores on servers and network performance.

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