Case Study Application Services Automation Used for a $4 Billion Enterprise With the Help of Avi Networks and Cisco ACI

Cisco is a digital communications technology company located in San Jose, California, where they focus on selling products and services in networking hardware, software, telecommunications equipment and much more. The company specializes in many tech markets, such as domain security, energy management, and the Internet of Things (IoT) with products like OpenDNS, Duo Security, and Jabber. Cisco was ranked on Fortune 100’s list at 74 with over $51 billion in revenue and almost 80,000 employees making it one of the largest technology companies in the world.

The firm that chose Avi relied on IT’s ability to deliver high performance for applications, turn around application changes quickly, and minimize outages. However the problem with cumbersome service insertion and chaining made it more difficult to solve versioning challenges in a timely manner. Additionally, the firm had no analytics to pinpoint performance problems and failures.

In this Avi case study, you’ll learn the following:

  • Why was the Avi Vantage Platform with the Cisco ACI fabric and APIC controller chosen?
  • How the application services automation helped the firm shorten time for service insertion and application provisioning from weeks to minutes
  • How load balancing services weren’t impacted by migrated workload between racks

Region: USA

Industry: Financial Management Software

Use Case: App Services

Environment: Cisco ACI