Case Study Building Enterprise Grade Mobile Applications For Better Customer Experience

DGDean is an East Coast based company that builds startups from the ground up. By leveraging cloud services they are able to provide end-to-end technology and digital project management services to fast growing start-ups. Even after the business has been fully launched, DGDean continues to work on perfecting business performance through data analytics and design response.

DGDean began to face challenges when their infrastructure couldn’t keep up with supporting enterprise mobile application services for customers. The company needed low-cost cloud-hosting services and rapid scaling of services to meet high-speed growth.

In this Avi case study, you’ll learn the following:

  • Why did DGDean choose Avi’s application delivery platform to provide rapid IT services for clients?
  • How they were able to leverage turnkey tools in the cloud to build enterprise grade mobile applications for customers in a short time
  • How AWS helped to scale custom web application services quickly when there unpredictable peaks
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Region: USA

Industry: Tech/Design

Use Case: Data Center

Environment: AWS

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