Case Study Telegraph Optimizes Media Delivery for On-time Printing by Scaling Load Balancers

The Telegraph Media Group is one of the top leading media companies in the UK, producing two newspapers: The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph. The Telegraph has held an extensive online presence since the company launched Europe’s first daily online newspaper in 1994.

The Telegraph photo desk receives thousands of images every day by photographers all around the world, and are often time-sensitive. The company struggled to keep up with breaking news because the traditional load balancers continued to fail or were too slow. On top of that, they were concerned about application security and viruses, and didn’t have a reliable way to track performance. By scaling load balancers, they replaced legacy appliances across two data centers and supported business-critical internal applications.

In this Avi case study, you’ll learn the following:

  • Why did The Telegraph switch from traditional load balancing to the Avi software load balancer?
  • How scaling load balancers helped save time and resources
  • How Telegraph’s IT team benefited from Avi’s ease-of-use and administrator-friendly interface
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Region: EMEA

Industry: Publishing

Use Case: Automation

Environment: Multi-Cloud

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