Case Study VMware Horizon and Avi Deliver Consistent Multi Cloud Deployment for VMware IT’s Virtual Desktop Distribution

VMware IT is an organization within VMware that is responsible for providing all the IT and remote working needs for the 30,000 employees at VMware. Like its customers, VMware IT operates a complex, global hybrid multi cloud deployment of load balancers, which means that it must solve many of the same challenges as customers. Before products reach the customers, it’s VMware IT’s goal to use VMware’s own products and make sure they’re operating properly. Through the VMware on VMware program, the VMware IT has had a major impact on VMware products by using them in digital transformation and app modernization efforts.

After a number of acquisitions VMware had in 2019, including Avi Networks to add enterprise-grade load balancing and application security to its portfolio, the VMware IT team were tasked with providing 3000+ virtual desktops for the newly acquired employees and they had to complete all the work in less than three weeks. However, ensuring business continuity for remote workers proved to be difficult when they experienced challenges with the application troubleshooting process.

In this Avi case study, you’ll learn the following:

  • Why did VMware choose Avi’s multi-cloud load balancing automation for a more reliable virtual desktop environment?
  • How the consistent multi cloud deployments enabled self-service application troubleshooting to the app team
  • How much time they saved with deployment while also delivering great colleague
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Region: USA

Industry: Cloud Infrastructure

Use Case: Automation

Environment: Multi-Cloud

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