Case Study EBSCO Automates Multicloud Strategy with Avi Networks and OpenStack

EBSCO Information Services is one of the largest divisions of EBSCO Industries Inc., a company that has now grown to over 5,000 employees. EBSCO is designed to meet the information technology needs of a variety of stakeholders by developing customizable services and strong user experiences that help libraries and other institutions support their end users (researchers, students, faculty members, etc.). EBSCO’s hundreds of developers and IT personnel deliver services that support a global customer base that submits an average of 4.5 million transactions per day.

EBSCO was seeking a multicloud strategy to enable automation together with the ability to quickly scale to meet growing demands on its networks. They were lacking in multitenant features for development teams, self-service capabilities, and an enterprise-grade load balancing solution that integrates with OpenStack.

In this Avi case study, you’ll learn the following:

  • Why did EBSCO choose Avi’s self-service automated load balancing solution?
  • How were they able to handle 4.5 million transactions a day without overprovisioning server capacity?
  • How their automated multicloud strategy helped save time rolling out new applications and updates
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Ebsco uses intent-based application services platform

Region: USA

Industry: Information Services

Use Case: Automation

Environment: OpenStack

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